A Las Vegas chef and bartender has created a new, more affordable and less-invasive alternative to the Vegas-style food at some of the city’s most popular restaurants.

The idea is simple: instead of serving up your usual burger, you get a veggie burger with a salad and cheese to go with it.

The restaurant is called V.B.N.E., or Virgin Beach Vegan Restaurant.

It’s a new venture in the Las Vegas dining scene.

The owners, Andrew and Kristina V. Boggs, want to appeal to veganism by offering vegetarian food options and providing a unique, more upscale dining experience for those seeking the same thing.

“We wanted to offer the best of both worlds,” Andrew said.

“It’s really the veg burger that we’re offering.

It doesn’t have as many calories as a burger, it doesn’t taste as bad as a steak or a chicken.

We want people to be able to get away with having more options, and it’s not just the vegans that are going to enjoy this because they’re going to be more adventurous.”

V.B.’s veg burgers are made with a combination of fresh vegetables and meats.

The salad is a combination that’s easy to make at home.

They come with a vegetable-based dip and are available in both vegan and non-vegan versions.

The new veg food comes in two flavors: the grilled-beef patty and the veggie patty.

You can pick whichever combination you prefer and add it to your burger.

You may also opt to serve the vegg burger with either a fried potato or a tomato-based salad.

The patty comes in a variety of sizes.

The grilled patty has two to three times the amount of cheese as the regular burger, while the veggy patty is two to four times the size of the regular patty, with less cheese.

The vegg patty also comes in the same three to four pound sizes as the grilled patties.

The vegg sandwich has two sides of lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion and mayonnaise.

You’ll find a salad in the middle of the sandwich, along with two slices of avocado.

“The veggie burgers are really, really easy to put together and it just looks great,” Andrew V. said.

The sandwiches come in a lot of different sizes and sizes of lettuce.

“The lettuce looks so good, it’s really a big part of it.”

To keep the price down, Andrew said, they’re offering the veeg burgers in a special vegan menu that features only a few ingredients.

The sandwich, the salad and the salad is $19 for two people.

It has two salads and two side dishes.

The lettuce is also vegan.

There are other items on the menu, like the vega burger, but Andrew said they’re not offering a vegan version of the chicken burger.

They’re offering a grilled chicken patty instead.

V.N.’s vegan menu will be available at several locations over the next few months.

If you’re interested in checking it out, the restaurant is at 955 West Virginia Street.

The owners plan to open another restaurant, V.N., next year in Las Vegas.