Restaurants in the New York City area are often considered the most prestigious and famous restaurants in the city, but according to some estimates, more than 50% of the food you eat there is made in Mexico.

That’s according to a new survey conducted by the Food & Wine Institute, which was sponsored by the restaurant and beverage industry trade group.

“Most restaurants in New York have less than 50 employees, but as many as 65% of restaurants in our survey work from home, with the majority working at home with their families,” said the report, which found that the average wage for an employee in New Jersey is $30,919.

According to the study, restaurants in cities such as Chicago, San Francisco and Washington, D.C., earn more than $120,000 a year.

Restaurants on Long Island and Staten Island earn the most, while places like San Francisco, New York, Boston and Philadelphia make less.

The median wages for servers and bartenders in New Orleans, San Antonio and Austin, Texas, were $48,800, $53,900 and $53.300 respectively.

Restaurations on the coast are typically located in California and Florida, with New York’s Midtown Manhattan neighborhood ranking as the top tourist attraction, with some $6.4 billion spent in the borough in 2017, according to the Food& Wine Institute.

The report says that the city is home to more than 200,000 restaurants, and that more than 2.2 million people are employed at restaurants.

Restaurant locations are typically the most diverse in the country, with about 50% Hispanic and 45% black, according the report.

“It’s also home to some of the highest levels of obesity and diabetes,” said Marko Kloos, the senior director of the research group.

Kloins said that restaurants that are located in the heart of New York are often the ones to watch.

“We found that New York is the best place to be a restaurant,” he said.

Restaurateurs have long complained about the high costs of living in the City.

Some estimates say that a meal in New Mexico costs $5.99, and a trip to Hawaii costs $12.50.

The Food&wine Institute’s survey found that while the cost of living is a factor, it’s not the only one.

“The most expensive restaurants in America are located within 50 miles of New Yorkers,” said Klois.

“So if you are a New Yorker, then you know that a $20 meal in NYC will cost you $40 in another city.”

Restaurants have long had to pay more for their food than other restaurant workers.

A New York Times article in 2014 found that in a typical year, New Yorkers spent $7.8 billion on restaurant meals, with a minimum wage of $11.20 an hour.

“While the city’s restaurants are still the best in the nation for workers, the city has been slow to embrace a more flexible work schedule for many restaurant workers,” said Kathy Hennig, a co-author of the report and a professor at the City University of New Jersey.

“If restaurants continue to be so expensive, what happens to workers who do not get a regular paycheck and are forced to rely on tips?”