Here’s a look at some of the best places in Oak Ridge, Illinois for breakfast and lunch.


Oak Brook Inn & Suites Oak Brook-area restaurant Oak Brook has a lot of great places to go.

But Oak Brook is also one of the least populated areas of Illinois.

There are many more places in the area than there are people.

But it’s not all bad for foodies.

There’s plenty of great restaurants in town, and there are some great restaurants nearby that you may not have seen.

Here’s our list of some of our favorite Oak Brook restaurants.


The Red Oak Inn & Saloon The Red OAK is located on Main Street in Oak Lawn, Illinois.

It’s one of Oak Brook’s oldest and best restaurants.

This is a place that’s been serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and dinner-only for decades.

You can grab breakfast here for breakfast, or you can grab lunch here for dinner.

This restaurant is one of our favorites.

It is also home to the famous “Red Oak” beer.

You’ll find this brew at all of the Red Oaks restaurants in the neighborhood.


The Biltmore Inn & Restaurant The BILTMORE is a great spot for breakfast.

They have a few locations in Oak Hill, but they are also a great place to find great breakfast options in Oak Town.

They offer breakfast and brunch in OakTown, but there are also breakfast and dinner options.

They are also known for their hotdogs, which you can get in the morning.

This place is a nice place to sit down and get some breakfast in. 4.

The KFC Oak Ridge location of the KFC restaurant in Oak Hills, Illinois is one the best spots in Oaktown.

This KFC is known for having good food, and you can find great brunch options there.


The Old Post Office Oak Hill-area restaurants are generally known for great breakfast and dining.

But if you want a more laid back breakfast, then you might want to head to the OLD POST OFFICE.

This location of Old Post Offices is known to be a little more laid-back than other restaurants.

They serve breakfast and breakfast-only, and they also offer brunch and dinner.


The Greenville Inn & Spa Located on Main Avenue in Greenville, Illinois, this is a popular location for breakfast in Oakville.

There is a good selection of options in this location.


The Riverwood Inn & Bar Riverwood-area dining is generally great, but this location is known as a favorite for breakfast with a large selection of breakfast options.


The Cucina Espresso Bar & Grill Located in the North End of the South Loop, this place has a few options for breakfast or lunch in Oakwood.


The Rosewood Inn Located in Oakwoods North End neighborhood, this restaurant offers breakfast and meal options in the Oakwood neighborhood.


The Blue Moon Bar & Gourmet Bar Located in South Loop’s South Loop neighborhood, you can have a good breakfast here.


The Largo Restaurant & Bar Largo-area breakfast, brunch and lunch options are a bit more limited, but it is still a good spot for lunch.


The Oak Park Inn Located on Southside Boulevard in Oak Park, Illinois and with great breakfast choices, this Oak Park location is a must visit.


The Bar & Cafe Located on the Southside, this small diner is known throughout the area for breakfast sandwiches.


The Grand Oak Inn This restaurant in the heart of Oak Park has been serving brunch and breakfast since 1926.

It has a small breakfast menu as well.


The Gourmet Burger Located on S. Main Street, this fast-food restaurant has a great breakfast menu.

This spot also has a large lunch menu.


The Oatland Cafe This restaurant located on South Main Street is known by locals as “The Oak Tree.”

It is a favorite spot for brunch and a great location for lunch in the Chicago area.


The Black Oak Inn Located off S. State Street in the Gresham neighborhood of Chicago, this location serves breakfast and a lunch menu at lunchtime.


The Little Black Oak Restaurant & Cafe The Little Oak is a famous Oakwood restaurant that serves a great lunch and breakfast menu and breakfast and an early breakfast menu during the day.


The Fiddler’s Tavern Located on East Main Street and served by the owners of The Black Rose Restaurant, this little restaurant serves breakfast, breakfast and late breakfast as well as a great late lunch.


The The Big Red Oak Restaurant Located on State Street, just a few blocks south of the Little Oak, this big restaurant is famous for its late breakfast menu, breakfast sandwiches and late lunch and dinner specials.


The Big Black Oak Tavern Located in S. Central Avenue, this bar