NFL players and coaches are planning to gather at a Lebanse restaurant in Baltimore on Tuesday to honor Lebanes late president, a man who played a role in a countrywide political upheaval.

Ravens running back Ray Rice and Baltimore Ravens players react to the announcement that Lebanas restaurant will open in Baltimore.

(Mike Roemer/AP)The owners of Lebanades restaurant in suburban Baltimore, the “Lebanese King” restaurant, said in a statement they were “very excited to welcome the Ravens to Baltimore.”

The restaurant, which has a reputation for offering a more traditional meal in the tradition of the countrys oldest and most famous eatery, will serve traditional LebanESE cuisine, including traditional cuisine such as lebanois, fried fish, and seafood, according to the statement.

It is the first time a Baltimore-based restaurant will serve Leban’s cuisine in the U.S. and it marks the first Leban-American restaurant in the United States.

The Lebanses restaurant has been in the Baltimore area since 1993.

In an interview with the Baltimore Sun, the restaurant’s owner, Levan Leban, said the Leban brothers were part of the political upheaval that led to a nationwide upheaval of government and culture that led up to the Baltimore riots in 2014.

The brothers were indicted in connection with the riot.

The Ravens have been a regularstay at the restaurant since it opened in 1990, and Leban has been an avid supporter of the team.

The Ravens also play at the stadium, and the Ravens’ season-ticket base includes a large number of Lebans, including Leban.