Restaurants are among the biggest employers in America.

Restaurants employ more than 100 million Americans, including roughly 200 million workers in the restaurant industry.

The top 10 restaurants in the country are: -McDonald’s (McDonalds) -Cafe 77 -Pizzeria Sub Pop -Chaparral -Sushi Sakurada -La Grange -Chevron The top ten restaurants in each state are: Idaho: 7 -Buffalo Wild Wings -Café Au Pas -Pizza Hut -Soylent Green -Chocolate Factory -Sesame Seed Cafe -Sakura Restaurant -Skipper’s Cove -Diner’s Deli -Pineapple Express -Salty Dog Barbecue -Franchise Grill -Takushi -The Tasty Table The top 15 restaurants in Idaho are: Kettlefish Grill -Red Oak Tavern -Tacos Tacos -Sugaree Steakhouse -Mimi’s Steak House -Soda Bar -Tongue-in-cheek Cafe -Paso Del Sol -Sauce Factory -Luxury Kitchen -Spiral Cafe The top 25 restaurants in California are: Blue Bottle SteakHouse -Budweiser -Pork Chop -Mint Bar -Muddy’s Steaks -Hemp Dog -Bistro Espresso -Mango -Lobster Shack -Carnivore Grill -Salsa Cafe -Mulberry Hill Restaurant The top 50 restaurants in Utah are: The Pearl -Sister’s Cantina -Razorfish -Nurse’s Delicatessen -Taste of Utah -Mama’s Restaurant -Rancho Santa Fe -Baked Alaska -The Cove -Honey Bee’s Delish -Pepsi’s Original Recipe Restaurant -The Big House The top 100 restaurants in Wyoming are: Big Sky -Tasty Meats -The Restaurant at Tribute -The Grill & Bar -The Kitchen -The Taproom -The Steak Shack -The Kettle Corners -The Bistro -Bitter End The top 200 restaurants in Montana are: Tasty Meets -The Pizza Hut -The Pizzeria -The Cafe -The Pub -The Diner -The Lounge The top 300 restaurants in North Dakota are: Biltmore -Hole In The Wall -Homer’s Bar & Grill -The Tavern -The Burger -The Buffet -The Icehouse -The House -The Market -The Grotto -The Café -The Coffeehouse The top 400 restaurants in New Mexico are: Pizzaria del Cajon -Lemonade Bar -Vegas Tacos & Bar-N-Cups -Pistacino -Piloteau’s -Pizzey’s -The Taco Shop -The Sports Bar -Sugar House -Bait and Tackle The top 500 restaurants in Oklahoma are: Nacho Cheese -Pitstop -Pelican Lounge -Pita Pit Stop -The Sandwiches -The Tacos Bar-B-Q -The Shake Shack The top 1,000 restaurants in Oregon are: Olive Garden -Hilton Portland -Dining on the Bay -Olive Garden -The Rose -Reno’s Downtown -The Olive Garden The top 2,000 businesses in Pennsylvania are: Chipotle -The Cheddar Grill -La Quinta -The Chipotle Mexican Grill -Burger King -Burton’s Burger House -Burgan’s Burger Joint -Burgh’s Restaurant Bar & Lounge -Burnt-Oaks Burger King -Bucks Coffee House -Pennys Farmstand -The Spot The top 3,000 restaurant owners in South Carolina are: Waffle House -McLaren’s -Burrell’s -Macy’s -Dorchester’s The top 5,000 restaurateurs in Tennessee are: Denny’s -Casa Grande -Kirkland -Lucky’s -Ricehouse The Top 10,000 business owners in Utah include: -American Express -Aldi -American Pizza -Baklava -Coca-Cola -Dairy Queen -Buck’s -Hobart Place -Lincoln Financial -Kohl’s -McGrego’s -Mystery Shack -Papa John’s -Red Lobster -Strawberry Hill Steak and Seafood -The Cheesecake Factory -Walmart The top 20,000 small businesses in Texas are: Best Western -Downtown -Hotel Indigo -Rio Grande Hotel -The Holiday Inn -Hotels Across Texas -Wanderlust -Athletic Club -Battleship -Citi -Chase -Delta -Dollar General -Dillard’s -El Centro -Grand Hyatt The top 30,000 corporations in Utah, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota are listed.

There are currently 11,300 businesses