FourFour2 readers are commenting on the opening of two Chinese restaurants in Chinatown.

In addition to two Korean restaurants, the two Chinese establishments have also opened their own restaurants.

Both of the new Chinese restaurants have been designed to cater to Asian food and will serve Korean dishes.

There is a huge demand for Korean food in Chinatown, and both of these Chinese restaurants will cater to that demand.

One of the restaurants, called Changpoo, will serve K-dish with rice noodles.

It is a great addition to Chinatown, as many of Chinatown’s Korean restaurants have closed due to the lack of space.

The other Chinese restaurant, the Nana restaurant, is serving Chinese food, including K-style food, along with Korean food.

Nana has a good reputation for being friendly and accommodating.

At Nana, Korean food will be served with fried chicken, beef and vegetables, but there will be no Chinese food. 

I am so happy to see the restaurants opening in my neighborhood!

I’m excited about the opening at both restaurants, as I am a huge fan of Korean food, and it will definitely be something I can eat for lunch or dinner in Chinatown!

Check out more photos of these restaurants below: