An Australian family had their meal at a Culver’s in Cairns after their local pub owner had a disagreement with their children.

The incident was captured on CCTV by a customer, who filmed the incident and shared it with

The family were in the pub with friends when the dispute began, with the children allegedly telling the father they wanted to leave.

“You’re not getting a table, come back later,” the father allegedly said.

“We want to be left alone,” the children reportedly replied.

The mother and daughter were also seen arguing, and one of the children was seen grabbing the father’s shirt.

“They’re both arguing,” a man is heard telling the customer on the video.

“Get out of the way.

It’s your fault.”

The customer says he can see the mother on the ground, but she can’t be seen.

“What is she doing?

Why are you here?” the customer says.

“It’s her fault.”

After the incident, the family went to the pub and tried to argue with the restaurant owner, but were unable to.

The owner then left the restaurant and went home.

“He didn’t come back, he’s on his way home,” the customer told in a phone call.

“My daughter’s crying.”

The restaurant owner and his family said the altercation was over a small dispute about their children, which was resolved with the customer leaving.

“Culver’s has a very good reputation,” a spokesman said.

The manager told News, “My wife and I have been a family member of Culver and his team for a number of years.

We have no problem with their family and family-style dining.” asked the restaurant to confirm if the manager and family member had been on the restaurant’s staff and what the family members had been arguing about.

“I would advise you that the family is very upset with the incident,” the manager said.

Culvers manager Scott D’Agostino said the family was disappointed and he was “deeply apologetic”. “

The manager and his wife are members of the Culver family and we would not want them to feel unwelcome in our restaurant.”

Culvers manager Scott D’Agostino said the family was disappointed and he was “deeply apologetic”.

“I have been very sorry for what happened and the family are in the process of coming to terms with this,” he said.

He said they were unable “to discuss this further” and would not comment further.,women,family-and/or-children,courts-and-(human-interest),courtsman-2548,cairns-4870,qld,nsw,brisbane-4000,brisbane-act-4305,canberra-2600,paradise-4810,port-macquarie-4226,australiaMore stories from Queensland