A pizzeria in Florence that is the world’s best-known pizza restaurant could be the next restaurant to become the new Italian restaurant of the year.

The Italian restaurant industry has suffered a massive decline in recent years.

The country’s economy contracted by 3.2% in 2016, according to the European Commission, the lowest rate since the Second World War.

Italian restaurateurs have struggled with changing tastes and the rise of pizza.

Many Italian restaurants, such as Sizzler, have closed or shut down, and many pizzerias have moved into more upscale locations.

Some Italian restaurants even closed down because they couldn’t pay their employees.

The city of Florence, however, is hoping to revive its Italian restaurant scene.

Italian restaurants are an important part of the local economy.

According to the local newspaper Il Giornale, more than 100,000 jobs are tied to Italian restaurants.

Many of those jobs are directly related to the pizzeria industry, according, according a recent article in Italian newspaper La Repubblica.

Many Italian restaurants and cafés have struggled to maintain their high standards in recent decades, according the article.

The number of restaurants has decreased by over 100% since the 1980s.

According the study, the number of Italian restaurants in Italy fell by 40% between 1970 and 2015.

Some Italians are starting to see the value of the pizza industry.

In a recent interview, local pizzeria owner Gianluigi Di Francesco said that the pizza business is more important than ever.

Di Francescolo said that he wants to attract a new generation of Italian immigrants.

He hopes to open a pizzeria, and even a pizzeria with a Michelin-starred restaurant.

Di Francesco has been working for years to create his new restaurant.

He said that they have a strong interest in the pizza and wanted to bring Italian style to Florence.

Di Giornato said that a lot of the food is not prepared in the way it should be.

Some pizza is done in a traditional way, and there are certain ingredients that should be substituted for the pizza crust, according Di Francescolo.

Di Giornate said that there are many other Italian restaurants that would love to reopen their doors, but that they are still working on finding the right space.

Italian restaurant owners are still in the early stages of this business.

The local restaurant industry is still in its infancy.

Many pizzerios still don’t have their own kitchen and don’t pay staff salaries.

Di Francicos hopes that the new restaurant will attract Italian immigrants and local entrepreneurs to Florence to help them create a restaurant with quality food.