When you go to a restaurant, you may be surprised to see that gluten free options are on the menu.

However, when you order gluten free foods, you need to ask yourself a few questions, especially if you are ordering from a restaurant that sells gluten free items.

Gluten Free Menu Options for LA RestaurantsGluten free menus can be found on a variety of restaurants in LA.

While the majority of LA restaurants serve gluten free meals, there are a few that are still serving gluten free products.

These include restaurants that sell gluten free gluten free burgers and pizzas, as well as gluten free pasta dishes.

If you want to order gluten-free pasta dishes, you’ll have to ask about the ingredients, like garlic, and also check to make sure the gluten free flour is available.

Glenn Pate, the co-owner of La Pinta Restaurant & Lounge in Hollywood, California, told The Hindu that his restaurant offers gluten free dishes in addition to gluten free noodles and pasta.

If a gluten free dish is listed on the restaurant’s menu, it must be served gluten free.

The restaurant is gluten free for both its burgers and the spaghetti sauce.

Pate said the restaurant does not serve gluten-containing products like pizza crusts or other items that are gluten-incompatible.

He also told The Hindustan Times that his pasta is gluten- free and the sauces are gluten free, adding that he doesn’t feel like customers should have to worry about gluten.

Glenna Rios, who owns the El Camino de Santiago in West Hollywood, told us that she doesn’t serve gluten.

She added that her restaurants do offer gluten-based products.

However the restaurant doesn’t sell gluten-friendly pasta dishes like lasagna, which is typically served gluten-filled, but not all restaurants offer it.

The El Caminoso has a gluten–free menu, but Rios said that customers shouldn’t be concerned about gluten allergies.

If customers want gluten-safe options, Rios suggested ordering from restaurants that are also gluten- Free.

While the restaurants in Hollywood that serve gluten are generally gluten-neutral, some restaurants have made a statement about their gluten-non-sensitivities.

In a statement posted to their Facebook page, La Pina, La Camino, and El Camoino said they “stand by our commitment to serving all of our guests with our full and full support.”

While some restaurants are gluten friendly, there’s no single way to go about ordering gluten-FREE food.

For instance, at a restaurant in Hollywood’s Little Italy, you’d need to make your reservation in advance, so the food can be ready and waiting to go when you arrive.

The other options for ordering gluten free include ordering from local restaurants or ordering gluten‐free options from other locations.