You’re about to eat at a french restaurant.

The menu is a little off, but you’ve probably paid around $200, so there’s no problem.

The waiters and waitresses, though, seem to be trying to make you feel good, and they are doing a good job of it.

So you take your money, head up the stairs, and start eating.

It is a very French thing to do.

Here is a taste of the French restaurant scene, which has exploded in popularity over the past year.


The Vue d’Orsay (via Reddit)The restaurant has a name that means “vortex,” and that’s where it gets its name from: The Vues restaurant is a French concept that opened in Paris’ Oostende neighborhood in 2015.

It offers a full menu of French dishes, like duck confit aubergine, and a salad with pickled carrots and feta.

The restaurant’s name is a pun on “virus,” which is also the French word for virus.

The name is also a reference to the popular TV series “Vue d`Orsays.”

The restaurant also has a small restaurant at the back of the building, which serves lunch and dinner.

It looks a little like a cross between a pizza joint and a French bakery, but it doesn’t have any of the pretentious French décor that is so prevalent in Oostendes and Oude Kwaremont.

The place’s owner, Alexandre Bousquet, told BuzzFeed News that he decided to change the name of the restaurant after a few people mentioned that it was the first restaurant in the area to offer French cuisine.

“I wanted to start with something that felt authentic and authentic French,” Bousquette said.

“The name reflects the French culture.

The French culture is not that big, so I thought, ‘Let’s just call it a French diner.'”


L’Équipe (via Yelp)The L’Equipe restaurant, which opened in the early 2000s, is in the same neighborhood as Vue, and it serves a menu of more than 20 French and American dishes.

The decor and interior are designed with a sort of old-fashioned French vibe, but the menu is actually quite different.

The main menu consists of soups, salads, and desserts, and there are also some classic French dishes like fried eggs and pâté de choux.

L�vis, which is the French pronunciation of “leaves,” is a dessert that Bousquer said was inspired by his favorite dessert, the chocolate pecan tart.

The interior also feels French, with red and white trim.

“It’s a classic French dining room,” Boulour said.

He added that the restaurant was originally supposed to open in late 2017, but because of the storm that struck Paris that year, he was forced to delay the opening.


Vue (via Eater)Vue is a place that makes French food even more French.

The dining room is made of French furniture, which includes a fireplace, a mantel, a table, a fireplace mantel and a table and chairs.

The kitchen has a French oven, but there are no French cooking utensils.

Bousquin said the restaurant serves French-style desserts, such as crepes and tiramisu.

The owner of the eatery, Christian, told Eater that the menu was based on what he ate at the French Dining Club in New York.

The owners are also using French ingredients in their food.

“We don’t use any artificial colors, we use only natural ones,” Christian said.

The dessert menu includes a dessert called “Bouquet Noir,” a chocolate-covered white cake with whipped cream.

“When you see the dessert menu, you think of a chocolate cake,” Christian told Eater.

“But it’s actually made with butter and sugar, which makes it look like a cake.

It’s one of our signature desserts.”


Tournier (via Instagram)Tournier is a restaurant that opened two years ago in a neighborhood called La Tourneur, a French term for the neighborhood in Paris.

The chef of the Tourniers is Nicolas Vachon, who says he started the restaurant with his father in 2013.

The Tournies is located on the corner of the La Tourney street and Saint-Denis avenue.

“Our goal is to serve Parisians and tourists in the neighborhood,” the restaurant’s Facebook page says.

The food is inspired by local traditions, and the menu includes items like grilled meat, fish, seafood, and meatballs.

“There are some really interesting recipes that you can make at home,” Boudet told Eater in 2014.


The Lao (via reddit)The Lao, a small French restaurant, is located in a tiny neighborhood called Le Mans.

It was originally started by two friends in 2015 and has grown into a restaurant