LUNCH PLATINUM HOSTS NEW EATING BAN: Hamburg restaurant, Hamburg Lunch Plates has announced that it will close the restaurant and all its dining areas on March 31 due to the outbreak of the virus.

The closure is due to a “public health emergency” due to increased levels of cases.

The company said the move is being taken due to “public safety concerns.”

The decision to close the restaurants comes on the heels of another restaurant chain, L’Anse aux Meadows, closing its restaurants and all of its eating areas.

A statement released by the company reads: “On February 19, LASM [Lunch Plates] announced the closure of its Hamburg, Hamburg, Lassen, Wuerzburg, Hamburg and Lassenhof restaurants in an effort to focus on public health.”

The announcement comes after LASL, the largest restaurant group in Germany, announced that all of the restaurants in the country will close.

On March 8, the government issued a national health emergency that covers the country as of March 31.