sioux fountains is the latest restaurant chain to open a new restaurant location in the city.

Sioux Falls is the birthplace of the restaurant business and it is no surprise that there are plenty of well-known and beloved restaurants in the community.

In fact, there are so many restaurants that can be found just a few miles away.

The new restaurant will open in the former LaBella’s restaurant space on the corner of West 5th and West 8th streets.

The first restaurant in Sioux Falls is LaBello’s, a family owned and operated restaurant that has been in the Sioux Falls area since 1932.

It opened on West 8 Street in the early 1990s and since then, it has expanded its business into more than 35 locations.

LaBella said they wanted to create a space for their loyal customers that would be authentic and welcoming.

The restaurant has an extensive menu, featuring seasonal dishes, with a small selection of traditional American favorites.

The restaurant is slated to open its second location in October.