Restaurants that have delivered meals for customers in Arlington, Texas, and elsewhere in the country have seen an increase in demand.

The Arlington Restaurant Group, for example, expects the number of customers it serves to grow from about 200,000 last year to about 400,000 this year.

It has been selling its own meals, including halal meals and kosher meals, for about $50 per person since April.

The group’s CEO, Omar Ali, said the halal movement is on the rise in Arlington because of the city’s proximity to the Middle East and the increased visibility of the region by the Obama administration.

But the company also sees increased demand for its traditional menu items.

Ali said the company has seen more requests for its signature barbecue sandwich, which has been available in its restaurants for years, than ever before.

The new line is expected to come in at $3.99 for a medium-rare roast chicken, $4.99 on a turkey sandwich and $5.99 at its signature salad.

The other major regional restaurant group is The Dine-a-Restaurant, which operates more than 1,300 restaurants in Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina.

The company is also selling its halal menu items to restaurants in Arizona and California.

The company has been working on its own halal line for a while.

In November, the company launched a new, more affordable option for diners to choose from.

The line includes a sandwich that is made with whole wheat bread, a baguette with lettuce and tomato, and a chicken breast with a cucumber and cilantro dressing.

It also has a salad that is halal.

Dine-A-Restauants is expected on-track to serve more than 2 million diners this year, according to Ali.

But the company is still working out a pricing model and has not yet decided whether it will sell to a specific retailer.

The number of restaurants delivering halal items to customers in Texas is up from just 10 a few months ago, according the company’s CEO.

The number of diners ordering halal food at restaurants in Texas has more than doubled in the last five years, he said.

Ali said the new lines will help the company continue to attract more customers and generate more revenue.

The group has about 500 restaurants in Arlington.