Key West Restaurants is once again opening to the public in Key West, Florida, with more than 200 restaurants in the city and a second Key West location expected to open later this month.

Key West Restaurant owner Scott R. Schreiber told the Associated Press that restaurants that reopened Monday morning include his signature Peruvian eatery Peruvian Restaurant with the original name of Peruvian Cuisine.

He said that the restaurant was open Monday morning with about 300 people inside and about 150 outside.

The company said its Peruvian menu is being expanded and will include dishes like the Peruvian Salsa and Peruvian Beef Sandwich, as well as dishes like Cajun Chicken and Pero’s Chicken and Caju Salad.

The restaurant will remain open until Feb. 17 and has a total of 733 locations nationwide.

Rosenberg Restaurants, which also operates Key West and Florida restaurants, is also open to the general public.

The company’s restaurants are located in the Keys and the Biscayne Bay area.