Darden’s restaurants have been under the spotlight since the 2016 Charleston church shooting, when a gunman opened fire in the city’s historic Old South neighborhood, killing nine people.

Since then, the chain has struggled to regain popularity and is being sued by customers for allegedly misrepresenting the quality of its food and offering inferior products.

Now, the company is suing its former owner, Mark Darden, over a 2015 video in which he calls a Darden “dissident” and accuses the chain of selling its food to “criminals.”

The video, in which Darden is seen praising the restaurant’s “tasty” burgers and claiming that the chain is “not only good but safe,” went viral, and the company says that it’s been “subjected to a hostile and discriminatory campaign of vilification.”

The company is also seeking to settle a lawsuit that accuses it of violating the Unlawful Trade Practices Act.

Darden has also been sued by consumers who say the company mislabeled its burgers as “delicious” in order to boost its sales.

Now the company wants to get Darden to apologize for the 2016 video.

It’s also suing former Darden CEO James Darden for defamation.

“This is a significant case,” said Andrew F. Cottrell, a partner at the law firm Wiley Rein who is representing Darden.

“Darden has not only breached their contract with the customers but they’ve also violated their obligation to be honest.”

Darden did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Dellars Restaurants Darden Group has been criticized for the way the company’s restaurants look.

Some customers complain that the company makes a lot of noise and that it takes photos and videos of its locations and tries to capitalize on it.

The chain has also faced criticism for its alleged practices of using animal testing, as well as for a number of its products including the Doritos Locos Tacos, Doritoes and Doritowels.

But the company maintains that its restaurants are all healthy and have been accredited by the National Institute of Health.

A spokesperson for Darden said in a statement that the restaurant group has “made significant changes to our brand and has invested heavily in the health and safety of our employees and customers.”

A spokesperson at McDonald’s said that the burger chain has “no comment on any legal matters,” and that “McDonald’s is committed to being a safe, ethical and responsible company.”

The McDonald’s spokesperson did not respond to requests for comment from National Geographic.