You’ve heard the maxim: “If you have no food, you have to do nothing”.

And the answer to that is to stay away from fast food.

For the first time in a while, this is an actual thing that people are actually talking about.

Here’s what to eat at restaurants when you want to keep your stomach ticking over.


Chicken wings Chicken wings, which are a staple in South African fast food joints, are considered a staple of South Africa’s South African culture.

You’ll find them in many restaurants and they are one of the main dishes you can eat with your meal.

If you’ve been to a fast food restaurant, you’ve probably had the opportunity to sample them, but what if you can’t afford to?

Chicken wing dishes are not cheap, so you can expect to pay anywhere from around R10 to R20 per bite.

That’s just a slice of chicken, but that’s what you get when you order it at an average South African restaurant.

You can also expect to spend around R100 for the dish, which is roughly equivalent to a small lunch box.

Chicken wing sauces are another great choice.

You will also find chicken wings on many South African menus, which can be either fried or grilled.

The most popular fried chicken wings are often fried with a bit of pork, but there are also options like pork or veal.

You may have seen them on the menu at some of the country’s best restaurants.

But if you’re just looking for the perfect fried chicken, look for chicken wings made from chicken, not beef.


Chicken fingers These are the ultimate in South Africa.

They are not just a great appetiser, they are a main dish.

When you are looking for a tasty appetiser that will keep your tummy full, look no further.

If your restaurant has chicken fingers, you will find them on their menu.

You are likely to get one of three main types: fried chicken fingers , chicken fingers stuffed with vegetables, or chicken fingers with vegetables.

Fried chicken fingers are a must-have for any South African.

They can be found on most of South African restaurants’ menus and they can be enjoyed with a few side dishes, such as kielbasa or bok choy.

They’re also very popular with families.

The chicken fingers will make for a great side dish for a meal with your friends.


Chicken kibbles When it comes to chicken kibblies, you’ll likely find one or two options on the menus.

These are chicken legs that are cooked to perfection and are usually served with rice, or on a breading with a side of vegetables.

You have to order these kibble on a regular basis because the kibbled are extremely tender and juicy.

You’re not limited to just eating one of these things.

They have a wide variety of variations, which means you can easily order up different combinations and enjoy them all.


Fries When looking for fries, you are likely going to be looking for ones made from beef, pork or mutton.

The fried versions are typically much larger than the regular versions and can be eaten on a plate with a couple of side dishes.

You should try to order one of each, but you can also get a few of the regular ones if you prefer a bit more of a crunchy texture.

They should also be served on a bun or plate and usually come with a fried egg on top.


Chicken nuggets If you’re looking for some tasty fried chicken nuggets, you’re going to have to go with a large fryer and a large plate.

The reason for this is because fried chicken is a meaty dish and it is also usually served on both sides.

They will usually come in a few different sizes and the most popular size is a small fryer.

These can be a great option if you want something different than what you are used to at a South African food restaurant.


Chicken patties While the chicken pattys are generally known for being crispy, they can also be eaten in a wide range of ways.

You might also be surprised to know that they can contain meat, vegetables, cheese and even fruit.

You know you’re getting good food when you see these little gems.


Chicken sandwiches While chicken sandwiches are usually the mainstay of South Africans, there are other ways to enjoy your meal that include a salad and a dessert.

Chicken salads are often made with rice and are made with a variety of vegetables and fruits.

If it’s the chicken that you’re after, try the chicken sandwich, which comes with chicken and a variety other dishes.


Fritters If your favourite fast food chain is any indication, you should be able to find some delicious fried chicken fries on the market.

They tend to be a bit on the smaller side, but they will still be a big hit with you. You