The Oasis restaurant in northern Queensland’s north-west has just reopened after more than four months of closure.

Key points:Owner and chef Peter Smith was forced to shut down because of the heat, but reopened the restaurant after a few weeksKey points Peter Smith reopened the Oasis after about four months in a bid to get a new lease on lifeKey points Oasis is owned by his brother, who also runs a pub in BrisbaneMr Smith’s brother is a farmer and is a key player in the local food industryMr Smith said he hoped the new lease would allow the Oases to reopen soonMr Smith opened the Oase in October to help alleviate the city’s extreme heat.

The Oasis in Brisbane is open now for the first time in six months after being closed for more than a month because of severe heatwaves.

Mr Smith, who is also a father of two, said he would be open for business again if he had more time.

“I have been struggling for the last four months to get my lease renewed and to make some money, so I thought if I could get a little bit more time I would be able to put more food on the table,” he said.

“It’s not the biggest restaurant in Brisbane, but it is definitely a better place than it was before.”

Mr Smith also owns a pub on the Gold Coast, but said the new Oasis would be a good location to store and serve beer.

He said he was hoping to reopen the Oasies restaurant at the end of March.

“We’re going to start off this year, it will be a little while, but hopefully by then we will be able be open,” he told 7.30.

Mr Jones said it was disappointing the restaurant had closed but he hoped things would be fine.

“That was the most depressing part of it, you know it’s closed, but we’ve got so much fun and so much excitement,” he added.

“To think it’s just been closed for so long and we’ve just had to put the kibosh on it, it’s kind of devastating.”