With summer months getting away, it’s now time to rethink how you get outdoor seating at the weekend, and how you enjoy it.

A new poll from the Australian Restaurant and Food Industry Association (ARBFA) has found that there’s a huge gap between how many outdoor dining spots are available and how much they cost.

The results are in for your reading pleasure.

The survey polled more than 11,000 people on the topic.

The findings revealed that while there’s no doubt that people want more outdoor dining, there’s also no shortage of choices.

“People’s appetite for outdoor dining has changed, and they’re also more aware of the cost,” said Dr Sarah Smith, a senior research analyst at the Australian Food and Drink Institute.

“They’re looking for more options to take them to their next outdoor dining destination, or to eat out for dinner at a restaurant or restaurant-type service.”

A number of restaurants in the city have come under fire for not offering outdoor seating, with a number of eateries having shut down during the summer.

Here’s how you can get more outdoors seating in the CBD.

The ‘perfect’ spot to go for lunch and dinner When it comes to outdoor dining options in the Melbourne CBD, it may not be as simple as a great selection of options on the menu.

It can be much more about the atmosphere and atmosphere is what you want.

“There’s so much variation in what’s good for people and what’s not,” Dr Smith said.

“So if you want to get a great dining experience, it doesn’t matter which restaurant has outdoor seating.

It’s all about the vibe and the atmosphere.”

It may be a bit of a mystery to some, but it may be worth looking at where to get outdoor dining.

The CBD is one of the best areas to go to for outdoor seating options, according to the AFRI survey.

This is because there are many options that cater for different types of people.

“If you have a young family, you might want to check out some of the larger restaurants and get a nice dining experience,” Dr Sarah said.

If you’re in a large family with children, you can also try out some smaller eateries.

You can also consider the area’s great museums and cultural sites for some great outdoor dining and food options.

For some people, the ideal dining experience is at home, where you can enjoy a delicious meal.

The best outdoor dining places around Melbourne According to the results, Melbourne has a number more options when it comes for outdoor eating and dining options.

“You’ll have a great choice of restaurants, but the most popular options are the large ones,” Dr Emily Kelleher, a food writer and author of The Guide to Melbourne’s Outdoor Dining Scene, said.

Some of the places that were selected for the survey included: The Barrington Hotel at Fitzroy Park, Melbourne’s newest hotel, and the new Marriott.

The hotel has outdoor dining on three levels, with indoor dining on the first floor and a communal table at the second level.

There’s also a patio on the second floor.

The food is also offered on the terrace in front of the restaurant, and there’s outdoor seating on the roof of the hotel, which offers some great views of the city.

The Barrell has indoor dining options and outdoor seating as well.

There are also a number outdoor restaurants that offer outdoor seating along the street and in some of Melbourne’s most popular tourist attractions.

One of the largest outdoor dining locations in the world The Michelin-starred restaurant, Restaurant Montmartre, in Sydney is located in the heart of the CBD, just south of the Swanston Street Promenade.

It has outdoor food and wine options in all the main dining areas, including on the rooftop patio, where outdoor seating is available.

The restaurant is a favourite for people who enjoy dining outdoors, and offers a wide range of outdoor dining experiences.

“We have a large patio on our rooftop, which is the perfect place to have a quiet dinner, or for a good drink and some outdoor seating,” Chef Michel Lekers said.

It may also be worth checking out the new Michelin star restaurant, Chef Montmartres, in Melbourne.

It is located just a few doors down from the popular Montmarters, which features an outdoor dining area with seating, wine and food.

This new restaurant offers outdoor seating and is just a short walk away from some of Sydney’s best sights.

You could also try the new, expanded dining area at The Grosvenor at The Rocks in Fitzroy.

It offers indoor dining and outdoor dining as well, with seating on both the first and second floors of the bar.

The menu offers the best selection of outdoor options in Melbourne, with an extensive range of dishes and beverages.

Some people might prefer the menu of the Michelin Restaurant, but for the more adventurous eatery, the menu features the menu for The Giro della Scala, a five-star Miche