PHX is a restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona.

It’s one of the city’s oldest.

It’s owned by Gordon Ramsay, who is famous for his phoenix food.

Now, Gordon Ramsay and his family are taking over a restaurant and they’re not doing it for the money.

They’re doing it to make money.

Gordon Ramsay says it’s not about the money at all, it’s about creating great food and great atmosphere for the customers.

We’ve got a really talented team of chefs, and we’ve got this incredible restaurant that’s really, really good.

But it’s a little bit of a gamble.

The restaurant is opening a new location next month in a strip mall in downtown Phoenix.

The restaurants are opening in a very unique way.

They have to put up with all the noise that we have in the city.

Gordon Ramsay says the new location will have more than 10 restaurants in it.

Gordon says he’s looking to make sure the food’s great.

He’s looking for the best people.

We’re looking for people who are really committed to creating great cuisine.

He’s going to hire a chef who’s not a celebrity chef, and he’s going see how he can make sure that the food is as good as the people that are cooking it.

He says it takes people who really love their job, and are willing to put in the time and work to do it.

So I’m very confident in that.

I think the best thing is that they’re actually getting to know the restaurant and get to know them and learn about their history, and then they’re going to be really excited to work there and really excited about what they’re doing.

It can’t be any better.

Gordon and his wife and children are excited about the new restaurant, but they’re also thinking about how they’re gonna survive, and that’s the big thing.

Gordon is going to have to pay the bills.

He and his sister will be working at the new Phoenix restaurant.

They’ll be making sure the restaurant’s up to scratch, and the kitchen is stocked with good ingredients.

Gordon said he’s planning on hiring a lot of cooks who can do a lot more than they are now, because they’re all new to Phoenix.

They’re gonna be bringing some of their friends, so there will be a lot, and it will be going up and down.

And then we’ll start to get some new people.

And then they’ll have to hire the kitchen to make everything, and they’ll start making some new menu items, too.

And they’re still going to do some cooking.

Gordon said there will still be traditional meals, like traditional chicken or beef, as well as new ones.

He said there’s going’t be a new menu item that’s coming out of a phoenix or a cancun.

The new restaurant is going up in the strip mall.

It’ll be one of two restaurants that Gordon Ramsay is taking over.

It will be the second of two Phoenix restaurants.

I really hope they do a great job.

They will have to keep doing it.

It takes a lot out of them, and there’s a lot that goes into it.

Gordon says he has a great team, and I’m confident that they’ll do a fantastic job.

They have a lot to learn.

The chefs have a great deal to learn, too, but we’re not just gonna learn from the chef.

It also takes time.

We have to learn how to be respectful and kind, and how to treat people with respect.

I don’t think they’re getting paid enough to do that.

And I think they don’t have enough time to learn everything.

It might take years to learn all that.

Gordon also said he wants to bring in new staff.

He says he wants them to get to work on something, and be inspired.

So I think that’s a really important thing, is to have the confidence in the staff, the cooks, the kitchen.

They’ve been doing it all their lives.

They know what it takes to do great food.

So, I think we’re really excited that they’ve decided to go ahead and do it and do great things, because I think it’s gonna be a really great place for everybody.

Gordon has said that he’ll make sure to make all of the staff happy, and bring in a new line of chefs.

The chefs are also looking forward to the new place.

Gordon has said the new chefs will be in charge of some of the cooking, and will be cooking at a higher standard.

They already have a team of people who do that, and so they’re excited about that.

Gordon will be using the Phx name and the city, and have the name Phx in the name.

The new Phx restaurant is also called Gordon Ramsay’s Phoenix.

Gordon’s sister is also on the staff.

Gordon also said that the new