Restaurant owners in Hawaii have been turning to new food trends as they try to keep up with a new wave of diners.

The trend is inspired by an old-fashioned style of dining, in which dishes come in small bowls that can be eaten one at a time, with a handful of side dishes.

The idea is that diners can get away from the traditional plate of plates, and take what they want with them when they’re done.

“We’re just taking what people like to eat and making it better,” said James Ritchie, the owner of Ritchie’s Kitchen, which opened in June at the former New Orleans City Hall.

The restaurant’s menu features such dishes as a grilled pork belly that is topped with a mix of herbs and spices, a chicken thigh with fried onions, and a chicken and pork belly with crispy skin and a side of sweet potato fries.

It is also known for its spicy crab cakes and kumquats, a mix that features crab cakes with fried mushrooms and shrimp.

A New Orleans staple for decades, kum quats has become a popular dish in Hawaii, particularly in the southern part of the island, where it is served at a high rate.

The kum qats, called kom kum in Hawaii and ole ole in other parts of the United States, is made with a mixture of pork belly, rice, shrimp, and crab.

It can be made with shrimp, crab or even crab meat.

The meat is then cut into bite-size pieces and fried in a pan until crispy.

In a new era of fast-casual dining, restaurants are starting to look to new trends.

“They’re coming to the idea of just having something that you can order, but then you have something you can take home,” Ritchie said.

Ritchie has been opening restaurants since 2002, when he opened a restaurant in the former home of his grandfather, who owned a chain of restaurants called Taro’s Restaurant in Honolulu.

The owners opened the restaurant in a converted school that had been converted into a restaurant, and they began serving food there, with Ritchie serving as the chef.

Hawaii has long been a tourist destination, and its tourism bureau says it has more than 4 million visitors a year.

“It’s really been a little bit of a growth story for us, and it’s not just the tourism industry, but the tourism has been really important to our economy,” said Mike Haines, Hawaii’s chief of tourism.

“We are just doing a lot of good work for the tourism and business community here in Hawaii.”

Ritchie was able to open his first restaurant in 2009.

He has now opened nine other restaurants in the islands.

He said that he has about 30 employees working at his restaurant, which has a staff of about 40.

Ritchy’s Kitchen is now open on Pearl Street in Honolulu, which was formerly a bustling business district and home to restaurants that would have gone out of business if it wasn’t for Hawaii’s strong economy.

Ritchie said he expects the popularity of his restaurant to continue.

“I feel like I’m the new chef in town,” he said.