San Francisco — The Golden State Warriors and San Francisco’s famed burger chain, Lebanese, are coming together to open a restaurant in the Golden State, according to a report from The Associated Press.

Lebanese is a burger chain based in San Jose that is best known for its signature beef burgers and is currently the subject of an investigation by the San Francisco Police Department, the AP reported.

The report does not say if the investigation is connected to the investigation of the Warriors, who have also reportedly approached Lebanes founder and CEO, Scott Thompson.

“We have been in discussions with Lebanse about bringing their signature burgers to San Francisco, but there are many other restaurants we would like to serve,” Thompson told the AP.

“We are committed to making this happen.”

The Warriors have also reached out to other restaurant chains, including Lebanones owner, Danilo Nocera, according the report.

Nocera told the San Jose Mercury News that he’s looking forward to working with Thompson and the Warriors.

“It will be a great honor to have the Warriors and Lebanas on the same team,” Noceria told the Mercury News.

“I am looking forward [to] the first day of training camp.”

San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo said he and LebeNese co-founder Scott Thompson are looking forward the opportunity to work with Thompson.

“I want to be very clear that I am not against Lebanasse,” Liccardos statement said.

“It is a great partnership for both parties to help bring their businesses to San Jose.”

In February, the San Franciscans police department opened an investigation into Lebanase’s past, saying it was connected to Thompson’s arrest on federal drug charges and that the company failed to pay the $10 million in fines levied by the city.

Lebanasa’s parent company, Lebe, is also facing federal criminal charges for violating the Food and Drug Administration’s ban on certain food additives.

The investigation comes after Lebanade’s founder Scott Thompson was arrested on a federal drug charge in April.

His attorney said Thompson has “full confidence in the authorities” and has no criminal history.

LebeNasse has a reputation for serving the best burgers in the city, but it hasn’t always been that way.

In 2013, Lebensenese was fined $6,000 by the Golden Globes after it was revealed that it used artificial flavors and coloring to create its signature flavor, “San Francisco,” for a burger, according CBS San Francisco.