The top 25 restaurants in New York State are as follows: New York, NY – Restaurant Guide by NY Restaurant Week, published June 15, 2018: 1.

L’Espresso: A place where you can feel good about yourself, with a relaxed atmosphere and delicious espresso drinks.


Bamboo: A family owned and operated Chinese restaurant with a cozy atmosphere and a good selection of Chinese cuisine.


Munch: A classic diner that offers hearty breakfast, lunch and dinner options, with great food and friendly service.


La Maison de Soho: A stylish, high-end eatery that serves an excellent selection of French cuisine and international dining options.


Cajun House: A relaxed, laid-back eatery in New Orleans with a large menu and great wine list.


Gourmet Grill: An excellent selection with great cocktails, including the original, popular Cajon.


The Blue House: An upscale French restaurant serving fine dining in a casual setting.


Lola’s: An innovative and popular dining experience that includes a wide variety of menu options, a selection of wines, and desserts.


Pappy’s BBQ: A full-service barbecue restaurant with delicious, home-cooked meals, as well as great coffee.


Denny’s: A small, family-owned and operated restaurant with an intimate, fun atmosphere.


La Bandera: A restaurant that offers a large variety of Mexican cuisine, with an emphasis on locally-sourced ingredients.


Dapper Pimp: An award-winning restaurant specializing in Latin American cuisine with a great, casual dining experience.


Cafe La Maire: An authentic Mexican restaurant in a cozy, intimate setting.


The Red Door: An Italian restaurant with casual dining options, excellent wine list, and a wide selection of sandwiches.


Ghetto Kitchen: A modern Italian restaurant that has a great selection of appetizers, entrees, desserts, and sandwiches.


Tijuana Bistro: A Mexican restaurant serving delicious Mexican food, as seen on TV series including The Sopranos and Grey’s Anatomy.


The Little Mermaid Tavern: An outdoor restaurant with indoor dining options including appetizers and entrees.


The Gourmet: An intimate and delicious Mediterranean dining experience with the ultimate seafood selection.


Red Hook Tavern: A contemporary Italian restaurant serving a variety of Italian food, including a wide range of dishes from appetizers to desserts.


The Bistrot: A New York City restaurant that serves fresh, regional dishes, including an extensive menu of fresh seafood, fish, vegetables, and entree salads.


New York Restaurant Week 2018 Top 25 Best Restaurants, Restaurants and Dining Attractions article This year, NY Restaurant Month returns to New York with more than 25 top-rated restaurants in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

The list includes some of the most sought-after dining experiences in the country, from upscale restaurants to contemporary eateries to classic French restaurants.

The restaurants include: