On Wednesday, local restaurateurs across the Bay Area and California took to social media to demand a boycott of Bakerstown Gas Company after they learned the company had proposed raising gas prices for consumers.

The California Restaurant Association and the California Federation of Restaurants called on restaurants to “take a stand” and take action to “demand a fair and sustainable rate” of gas, which has been set at a rate of $2.95 per gallon since the beginning of the year.

“Gas prices have skyrocketed in recent months, and it is outrageous that consumers are paying more for their fuel,” said Rachel Hahn, executive director of the California Restaurant Federation.

“We’re taking a firm stand against this unprecedented price hike by Bakersfield Gas Company.

We’ve been fighting against this for years, and this is just the first step.

We hope others will join us in standing up for fairness and the people of California.”

The groups said they are calling on restaurants in Bakerside, San Jose, Santa Rosa and other cities in the Central Valley and Southern California to boycott BGS gas as well.

“We are calling for a boycott in BGS markets in California and throughout the Southern California region,” said Sarah Miller, executive vice president and chief operating officer of the Los Angeles-based restaurant group.

“If you want to help BGS stay on the right side of this gas price hike, please join us by taking action.

BGS is a major contributor to our local economies, and a significant source of income for many of our businesses.

We urge everyone to boycott the gas companies gas in California until they get the truth about this price increase.”

The California Federation for the Arts and the Sierra Club called on all of the state’s political leaders to step up and pressure the state to pass a $2-per-gallon gas tax hike by the end of this month.

“Governor [Jerry] Brown, state legislators, and the mayor of Bakersville have an opportunity to speak out against this outrageous hike, and to show our state’s commitment to fighting climate change and protecting our environment,” said Kate Mota, the president and CEO of the Arts Council of Southern California.

“But now is not the time to take any action.

We need leaders in Washington to act to stop the gas price hikes and save the environment.”

Gas prices in the Bay area have skyrocketened, with prices topping $3 per gallon in some markets.

Bakersies gas stations are now charging $2 per gallon, up from $1.75 per gallon before gas price increases in January.

Bases for gas have doubled in recent weeks, and some restaurants are now asking customers to pay more for gas than they have for a year.

Bakersies Gas Company’s gas tax proposal was announced last month, raising prices for customers.

The gas tax rate will increase to $1 per gallon by 2022.