The newest Omaha restaurant, which has been in business since the mid-1990s, is an evolution of an Omaha classic.

It’s called an omakase, or “Japanese Restaurant.”

Its restaurant has been open for more than a decade.

It was built by two Japanese engineers and named after the Japanese town of Hiroshima.

The original concept was to open up a restaurant with a Japanese-inspired menu.

Now, the restaurant is serving its own take on sushi and sushi rice.

The omakases are not Japanese-style sushi, but are the Japanese-styled versions of a sushi roll.

But they are much more expensive than the sushi roll from a sushi restaurant, and the omakas are made with the same ingredients as sushi.

The two engineers were not paid to design the menu.

But both said they were inspired by a visit to Hiroshima during World War II.

One of them is now a professor at the University of Omaha, and he says that while the original concept might have been to open an omaki restaurant, the two Japanese men were inspired to take on an entire restaurant.