By DAVID RYANThe most iconic Indian restaurant in Arizona is the one in Indian Country’s most populous city, Flagstaff.

Located at the intersection of I-10 and US-30, the restaurant sits on a quiet street near the Arizona border.

Flagstaff is home to more than a dozen Indian restaurants, but the Indian eatery is the place everyone calls home.

Flagstar is also home to the best Indian-themed restaurant in the state, the Indian Restaurant & Bar in Indian Town, which opened in December.

Owner and manager of the Indian Restaurants in Indiantown, Raju, said the Indian restaurants have been serving Indian food for more than 20 years.

“When we opened the restaurant, there were around 100 Indian restaurants in Flagstaff, and it was just getting started.

We wanted to create something that people could enjoy on a daily basis, and we were so blessed with the opportunity to do that,” Raju said.

Flagstar was named the “Indian Restaurant of the Year” by Arizona Restaurant and Lodging Association (ARLA) in 2018.

The organization said in a statement that the restaurant is “a place that brings people together on a social level, a place where people can enjoy Indian cuisine, with the best of them Indian food.”

“The Indian restaurant community is growing, and the community is becoming more diverse and diverse in many ways,” Rani said.

“There’s a lot of new faces that are coming into the Indian community.”

Raju said he has been able to attract and retain Indian restaurant customers, even though the Indian cuisine is very different from the more popular American Indian cuisine.

“The reason why we’re able to keep our business alive is because we take care of the community.

The people we work with, we give them the food that they want,” Rajus said.”

They are always welcome.

I don’t even think of them as customers, I think of ‘they want a food’ and that’s what they are,” he added.

Rajus is confident that the Indian food will keep getting better and better as the Indian population grows and the Indian-American population increases.

“I think that’s going to be one of the big changes,” he said.

The owners of Indian Restaurations in IndianTown said that the goal of the restaurant was to bring people together for a meal, rather than just one-up each other.

“We want to create a place that’s a place people can go to eat together.

We want to serve people our food.

We’re not here to just sell people food, but we want to do a job that is good to the community,” Rajas said.

Rami Vadodara, owner of Indian Restaurant in Indian Village, is not sure if the community will continue to support the Indian owners.

“There are going to always be people who come in and say, ‘you guys should have opened this restaurant.

You’re not doing it right.

What are you doing?’

It’s always been that way, and this is not the first time.

It happens in every business.

The same goes for Indian food,” he explained.”

But the community has been great.

The community has always been supportive, and that has been the most important thing,” he concluded.