It’s been two weeks since a Melbourne restaurant chain ordered all of its kitchens to get new kitchen products.

The problem was solved by the same Australian company that brought the kitchen products, but the Melbourne-based business decided to keep the old equipment in the fridge and replace it with something new.

“We had the kitchen systems ready to go but when we got the order, we just had to take it down and put in something new,” says a manager at one of the Melbourne eateries that ordered the new kitchen.

A new system at the Sydney restaurant.

The Melbourne-owned business, The New Melbourne, also ordered a new system to replace the old kitchen system.

“This is not a new kitchen,” says manager and chef Tom Williams.

“They had been doing this for 20 years.

This was something we had ordered years ago and now it’s here, and it’s really nice.”

Williams says he was surprised to see the old fridge systems still in the old system.

The fridge system has been around for 20-25 years, but it’s still in working order.

“It was very nice,” he says.

“I was expecting it to be a bit worn and rusty, but there was a lot of stuff in there that was brand new.”

The new system is the same model as the one the Melbourne restaurant bought, but now it can be installed on all of the new restaurants.

“The thing we’ve got in our fridge is a fridge that is a different model, and that’s really cool,” says Williams.

The New Brunswick restaurant has been in business for 18 years, and Williams has been working with his kitchen team for about two years now.

He says he is impressed by the new fridge system.

It is “really nice to see that the systems are being kept in the kitchen,” he said.

“And it’s nice to be able to say that it’s all ready to roll.”

The New Hampshire restaurant is one of several restaurants that have ordered new refrigerators in recent weeks, and they say it has been a good investment for their business.

“A lot of our customers have been really happy,” says chef Mark Reedy.

“Our customers are just so happy with their fridge system that they want to order more.”

Reedy says the system is well-built and well-organized.

“If we had the old ones we wouldn’t be able [to] put the new ones in,” he explained.

“So it’s just a really good system.”

In a recent interview with The ABC, the Melbourne and New Brunswick restaurants said they have not had any problems with the new systems.

The new systems are expected to be available to all of their restaurants by mid-March.

The ABC contacted Melbourne Restaurants to confirm the new system has arrived.

“In terms of the delivery, we are currently working on that,” a spokesperson said.

The spokesperson also said there will be a “new system” in the stores on the next Thursday.

The NSW Restaurants and Pubs Association says the new refrigeration system will be delivered on Friday, March 13.

NSW Restaurant Owners Association spokeswoman Linda Meehan said the new refrigerator systems will be rolled out over the next week.

“But there’s a little bit of a delay before that,” she said.

NSW Restaurers and Pub’s Association spokesperson Linda Meeshan says the New Brunswick and Melbourne restaurants have not received the new food service fridge systems.

Photo: James Brickwood “So we have no idea if it’s going to arrive on Thursday or not, but we are hoping to have it out by next week.”

NSW Restaurant owners association spokesperson Linda said the New Jersey restaurant is awaiting the arrival of the refrigeration systems.

“Once they get here they’ll be rolling them out to all our restaurants in the coming weeks,” she explained.

NSW restaurants will get the new cooking and cleaning systems by March 27.

NSW New Brunswick Restaurants Association spokesperson Bob Denton said the company had been contacted by the NSW Restaurations and Pub and SA Restaurants Associations to provide information.

“These systems are not just for us but for the entire industry,” he told the ABC.

“Any new refrigerated systems that have been delivered to New Brunswick, New Jersey and SA will be fully tested by the government.”

“This system will make the food service in our restaurants a bit fresher and healthier.”

The NSW Restaurant and Pub Association has not received any information about the arrival date for the new equipment.

“Hopefully we’ll get a confirmation in the next few weeks, but at this stage we have to wait and see,” Ms Meeham said.