The best place to get Puerto Rican food in the US is in Miami, where Puerto Rican chef Jorge Martinez started his restaurant in 2012.

There, he works with the locals to get his dishes from scratch.

Martinez, a Puerto Rican immigrant, grew up eating in Puerto Rico and moved to the US with his family.

“I love to cook.

I love to do it right.

I like to make it simple and tasty,” Martinez said.

His restaurants offer dishes that are both local and seasonal, including dishes from his family’s restaurants.

“It’s the way you prepare a meal that I always enjoy.

You make a great dish and then you serve it out,” Martinez explained.

“But it’s the people that come to the table that make the difference.”

In the past year, Martinez has opened three restaurants in Miami and is planning to open four more in Miami by the end of this year.

“We want to stay in the Miami area, to be able to serve our community,” Martinez told ESPN.

He also said his restaurant is an example of how “we are all one.”

“I am here in Miami because I love the city, and I want to do the best I can in my own backyard,” he said.

He said he plans to open his second restaurant in Puerto Rica in the near future.

“Puerto Rico has a lot of great restaurants.

We have a lot to offer and I hope to have some good ones in the future.”

Puerto Rican cuisine is also a global phenomenon.

Since 2003, when he started his own restaurant, Martinez, who is a citizen of the Dominican Republic, has been serving his customers the dishes he grew up with.

He says he is inspired by Puerto Rico, which has its own culinary traditions.

“When I go to Puerto Rico it’s really important to me to bring my heritage and culture to the menu,” he told ESPN in 2014.

“Because there is a lot going on there.”

When asked about the influence of Puerto Rico on his food, Martinez said he has seen a huge difference in the country over the years.

“What I like is that the Puerto Rican culture is so big, it’s not just the people.

The whole country is a family.

You have to make sure you take care of everyone.”

And he added: “Pilipino cuisine is so delicious, and so authentic.”

The food in Puerto Rican establishments has also changed over time.

“The restaurants are very much part of Puerto Rican history, and that’s something that I feel like we have to keep,” he explained.

And it is a tradition that has been passed down through generations.

“You have to remember that we were a small people,” Martinez added.

“And the culture and customs have changed.

But we have our own unique way of cooking.”