Easton, England – If you want your favourite Mexican restaurant to become a regular in your home, you can’t do better than try to find it in Eastend.

With a reputation for quality, prices and a reputation of being easy to navigate, the city has emerged as a hub for Mexican food in England, Wales and Scotland.

“I have had the privilege to experience a lot of different places here in East End,” says Tim McKeown, owner of the local chain Tacos Locales.

“I like to think I have been able to do that here.”

In fact, McKeong owns Tacos Bar and Grill, one of the more well-known restaurants in the city, which he says has been a success.

“Tacos Locale was a great opportunity for us to get our feet wet with this area and really have our own experience here,” he says.

“Our main focus has been on the taco experience and how easy it is to get here, but also how easy we can make our customers feel.”

The owner of Tacos is equally excited about the future.

“When the market was hot and the food was really good, the tacos were really cheap and really quick,” he adds.

“Now that we are in the middle of a boom, we want to have a little more of that in the future.”

McKeown says that the company is in talks to open a second restaurant in EastEnd.