On Monday, Disney Springs opened the doors to Michelen Star, the latest addition to the Walt Disney World Resort’s new dining experience.

The concept’s first taste was a full-fledged buffet at Michelins newest restaurant, The Michels, which is located inside the Disney Springs Marketplace.

Micheln Star has been an all-inclusive restaurant since it opened its doors in June.

Its menu is filled with a mix of local, seasonal, and international food and beverages, with an emphasis on locally sourced ingredients.

Michelins owner and founder, Marc Lebron, is the only non-southern chef in the entire Disney Springs area.

The Michellins is a celebration of the region and the world’s cultures, and Lebrons passion for food has led him to create a restaurant that is both a culinary and a cultural center.

The first Michella star was launched in January 2018, and now the restaurant’s fourth and final restaurant is set to open in June 2019.

A number of other notable restaurants and dining options have been added to the Marketplace since the first Micherel Star opened in late 2017, including The D’Arcy Restaurant & Bar and The Mango, as well as new restaurants in other Walt Disney Parks around the globe.