The most popular dish in Japan is ramen, and you can make it at home, at least at this Japanese restaurant.

The restaurant at the corner of West Avenue and East Avenue in Chicago’s Arbors Park is a little more than a mile from downtown, but it is a popular spot for visitors to enjoy a few ramen dishes.

“I’ve been here for 20 years, and the customers have been really good, and I’ve had a lot of customers come back from Tokyo and Chicago and other cities, and it’s always packed,” said Kenji Takada, a chef who is part of a ramen family.

The ramen is served hot and is made from fresh ingredients and comes with noodles, sauce, rice, sake and vegetables.

The menu has a few items that are unique to ramen restaurants, such as the noodles are topped with kobe beef and served with seaweed.

The broth is also a little different than ramen shops in Japan.

Instead of water, ramen broth is cooked over charcoal, and then heated and blended with herbs.

This makes it a little lighter, lighter tasting and a little less salty.

But the ramen chef said that the ramens broth is still delicious and he doesn’t want the ramengo to be considered just a noodle soup.

“When I’m making ramen in Japan, I usually use a lot more water than in other ramen stores, because ramen soup has a lot to do with the flavor,” he said.

Ramen is a very popular Japanese food that is also eaten in China, the United States, Japan and other countries.

The popularity of ramen has been growing in recent years, thanks to the growing popularity of instant noodles.

“In Japan, there is a trend of people eating a lot faster food and then they start eating ramen noodles and noodle soups and that’s why people are starting to eat a lot ramen food,” Takada said.

When it comes to ramens, Takada does not recommend people start their day with the noodles first.

Instead, he recommends that people start with the broth, which is made of seaweed, vegetables, garlic and salt.

“If you’re not going to eat your lunch or dinner with noodles and ramen and you want to have the flavor and the flavor of ramens for dinner, then I recommend you eat a bowl of soup first,” he explained.

Takada said he prefers ramen with a lot less ingredients.

“I usually go for a bowl with a bunch of vegetables, like spinach, a bunch a herbs, some fresh parsley, some cilantro and a bunch more,” he added.