A restaurant owner in Thailand has threatened to “go after” the owners of a “cowardly” Thai restaurant for refusing to serve her customers “the taste of their own blood”.

The owner of the restaurant, who did not want to be identified, said that the owners have “betrayed us” and have “killed the spirit of Thailand”.

“We are trying to get justice for the innocent victims of these criminals,” she told Thai TV, according to the Reuters news agency.

“We won’t go out of business because of this cowardly act.”

“If they don’t like the food, then they should just come to our place.

We don’t have any beef, so why should they go out with their guts,” the woman said, adding that the customers would also be “disgusted”.

“The owner of this restaurant will be sentenced to death.

We will do what we have to do to protect our people and the restaurant,” she added.

“I’m just going to go to jail and serve my customers the taste of our own blood.”

The Thai government’s “revenge” campaign The “cowards” at the restaurant have been accused of killing at least 20 people in Bangkok over the past decade.

In January 2018, Thai police arrested the owner of a popular Thai restaurant in the capital, accusing her of poisoning at least two people, including her husband, with the toxin.

She is currently under house arrest.

In September 2018, a man allegedly killed his wife and two daughters with an acid and set fire to their house, police said.

“When you take away the smell of blood, you take out the smell from the whole area,” a policeman said, according the Associated Press news agency at the time.

“You cannot kill the people that you love.”

“This kind of crime cannot be tolerated,” the police officer said.

In a statement, a spokesman for the Bangkok Metropolitan Police said the suspect “has a history of drug-related offences”.

“Our investigators will investigate the case thoroughly and we will seek to prosecute him,” he added.

The Thai law enforcement agency, which has launched a “remedy” campaign, said it would arrest and sentence the suspect.

“The law enforcement agencies are working closely together to bring the perpetrator to justice,” it said.

Police also launched a new “anti-crime” campaign in the past week, saying that people should “take advantage of the time of a festive season to avoid violence and crime”.

“Be careful not to be too violent,” the statement added.