NYC restaurants will soon be opening a month earlier than usual to help people make their food taste better, but you’re not going to have to do much extra work to ensure that it tastes good.

On Thursday, New York State Liquor Control Board announced that restaurants will open their doors earlier on weeknights, which is a big win for consumers.

As the NYCLB explained, the change will be “to allow more time for restaurants to prepare and serve customers, particularly those in need of urgent or extended assistance.”

While some restaurant owners might be disappointed by the extra time, it’s important for everyone involved.

Restaurants need to be able to prepare a good meal in the shortest amount of time.

If your food is really bad, it can take up to an hour or two for the food to be prepared and serve.

This means that people who want to make their meal at home will likely need to do some extra prep work, and those who need to eat at the restaurant will need to put in more time at home.

As the NYSLB notes, “the additional time will allow restaurants to provide a healthier, more flavorful, and healthier-looking menu.”

The NYCLBs changes are expected to be in place by July 1.